And they sang ... - St. Martin's In the Desert

And they sang …

“And they sang as it were a new song before the throne, before the four living creatures, and the
elders; and no one could learn that song except the hundred and forty-four thousand who were
redeemed from the earth (Revelation 14/3).”

I sing a song of this valley. I believe it is from God, and it will be sung perfectly. This music is in my heart; they are songs of who I am, and all the personal experiences I have had with God. Do you hear the strain of joy? It is a song sung by all who seek redemption -sons of the earth -gathered together in this hymn of victory to the Lord who is making us free. Who else might sing it?

None can learn it except the sons we have born. They sing it as their song of redemption and triumph that can only make us free. Doubtlessly it comes from Christ who makes us free. We can try, but only Christ can sing it in such a way that I gain freedom. We are children of the cross who receive this music lesson from heaven. He is training us to sing in the school of exile, a sorrow of the soul plainly heard but invisible to thee!

We will sing with the angels, chords too minor to be touched by anyone else. God is tuning me and you for the parts only the angels cannot sing. In the night, we are tuned to the sweetest melody, molding our expression, and becoming so unique.

I feel midnight closing around me and all the shadows lengthening. I ask you, Lord, to come close and teach me another song. Sweet and gentle, the music picks up the broken cadence when the brokenness seems to blend into the minstrels as the song of light. Is this our rehearsal anthem? Let us join our voices in praise of our Lord and God.