I have prayed that your own faith may not fail (Luke 22/32) - St. Martin's In the Desert

I have prayed that your own faith may not fail (Luke 22/32)

We have been called to cherish our faith for by faith is the way we obtain blessings. By believing, we obtain the answers we need. Faith links earth to heaven as if by some mysterious computer God speaks in return so fast that he answers while we are still speaking. What happens if faith is damaged in some way? How do we receive his promises?

Do we pray only when we are in trouble? By faith we acquire help. However, take away faith and ask again how we can gain help in our present needs. Where are God’s promises when we most need them? There is only this road between earth and heaven. At times, the road is blockaded, and we must detour. Where are we, we ask? How can we communicate with the Lord?

We must ask ourselves if we are in trouble. Faith will clothe us with God’s power. It will connect us with the greatest King. We can march triumphant, even over our Enemy. With faith all things are possible. Without faith how can we do anything? We may neglect looking for answers to what we ask. In essence, we are not in earnest for what we ask. For we can be assured that prayers with faith will be answered. Jesus never rejected anyone who came to him for mercy.

The answer to prayer approaches though we don’t always discern its coming. It could very well be a seed underground through winter taking root for spring and for a long period of growth in the summer. By fall, it is ready for harvest.

When was the last time you let yourself be totally honest with the Lord? How do you hear his voice? Like the birds, stand still and let down your wings.