Indeed I have all and abound (Philippians 4/18). - St. Martin's In the Desert

Indeed I have all and abound (Philippians 4/18).

We live in the desert. We try to grow gardens in this very difficult climate. Some sections of our gardens fail to catch sunlight, yet we have learned to plant flowers that thrive in dark corners. Some truly flourish in spite of desert conditions.

The same thing happens in the world of the spirit. The circumstances can be problematic. The world seems gloomy and severe, but what becomes to us a miracle are these beautiful flowers blooming in dim light. When St. Paul was in prison in Rome, his mission seemed to be shattered, hopelessly broken in his dingy cell. However, Paul knew that his faith was growing into an incomparable strength, like a beautiful flower surviving the dark, uncomfortable conditions of diminished light.

This was a wonderful world. Christ’s grace and love and peace were flooding him and drawing out inner glory. Even in subdued light, the dinginess was changed to revelation. Paul would come to realize his spiritual inheritance. The same seasons of seemingly insurmountable circumstances may threaten us in a blanket of doom, but imprisonment of one sort or another cannot shut out our treasure. 0 how beautiful, Lord, that you grant the flowers life-giving dew for their thirsty souls. Seemingly you are their object of desire. Only love had meaning to Paul.

Even in a hostile environment, the flowers most assuredly shall rejoice and blossom, yet they will have their shadows beneath as they sway in the wind.·