It is not in me (Job 28/14) - St. Martin's In the Desert

It is not in me (Job 28/14)

Has this summer been a trip to the ocean? Did it satisfy you? Maybe you said the mountains would rest you. Did they? Perhaps not as you hoped, the ocean and the mountains fell short of your dreams. It was wisdom that you searched for in love and truth, and that knowledge caused the restlessness you felt. God Himself is the sea and the mountains within. We can rest in his mighty arms and walk with him where only his feet leave prints where he has trod. This is a holy place where he dwells with us. We can call it home, divine and fair, and it is there we abide as his little ones.

This road goes on and on, day and night, where he dwells the only way, we can know for he told us so. God is our home. He shelters us here even in all the storms and strife, and I can say it is a wondrous place. We are hidden here as we dwell in him, and he dwells in us.

I believe there are songs to be learned in this valley. They are music in our hearts. They bring out memories of personal experiences, even our troubles from the past. We are receiving music lessons from God the Father. We are being educated for all the children of the cross; he is training us for the parts the angels cannot sing. Does the Lord send sorrow to prove us?

The Lord wants us to sing a unique part in the universal song. I can see night closing about me. Shadows are dark and long. Come close, Lord, and bless us with new songs. Sing and dance with us. We are the sons and daughters of the light learned at night. This must be more than a fake rehearsal.