WHERE AN ENDING IS A BEGINNING - St. Martin's In the Desert


I fix my eyes on you, Spirit of Jesus Christ
As I seek perfection summarized in the Word
Neve to be exhausted in my intentions.
O God, I hope to be alive in a thousand years
Of scrutiny. Truth strengthened me;
It will not die. The wounded heart regains
God’s peace.

My intentions are not recognized;
Too much, I am surprised in-Christ
Through adversities flooding my soul
Asking for light. Renew my vows, Lord.
I carry a wounded heart in my great joy,
I would not leave my throne of ecstasy, heavenly
Love restores my equilibrium. Plunge me in
Thy great love. Take me under where I am lost
In you. Rays of mercy rest in my heart, here
I pray a lot, happy in Spirit fulfilling God’s will Reflecting, even in my sleep.
Should I ask who you are?

Who are you tapping,
And rapping on close-by? Yet, I resist by preparing
For this last hour standing before him.
Old age cannot exempt me from all the change
Feeling like a war. Old souls ask me to open the gate To pray to rid the earth of Satan who will fall
Into the horrible abyss.

I have seen my great joy Plunging into an ocean of love where I will be lost in thee As I swoon, as I become someone seeing you.

So vain and haughty, I have confessed by doing penance Even in the smallest things of my soul.