Waiting - St. Martin's In the Desert

Peace & Chocolate


As I sat and studied the readings for today my mind took me back to a time and place that I am not sure how I would have been feeling or acting. In the past two days we have seen our Lord provide us an example of love, give us a new commandment to love one another, be betrayed by one of His most trusted, tried, beaten, scorned, crucified and buried. What must be going through the hearts and minds of the disciples. Confusion, fear, absolute disbelief. Kind of like what we are feeling today with the Covid-19 situation. We are holding on to our faith and following the directions given to us by our medical professionals but still feel separated and disconnected from our families and friends. What we know however is there is a time coming that will bring us back together. My prayers for us all is to be patient, comforting, strong and grace filled as we walk these days being supported by the Holy Spirit and knowledge we are never alone. Your clergy are available and remember Christ proclaimed “I am with you always even unto the end of the age”. Have an awesome Easter and know God is with us.

Peace and Chocolate