Sermon - April 19, 2020 - St. Martin's In the Desert

Doubting Thomas

Sermon – April 19, 2020

2nd Sunday of Easter, 2020

We are in the Second Sunday of Easter; a time for remembering. This is also part of the 50 days of Easter, we are encouraged to leave our fears and wrap ourselves in the love of the risen Christ. The fears that we are facing today have been a challenge, world -wide from the effects of the coronavirus on our communities. Many have lost jobs, many businesses are closed; no gatherings over  10 people and in many cases, it is suggested only 3, and we must remain 6 feet apart. We have lost numerous people to the illness and families are staying at home. Shopping for essentials has become a scavenger hunt. 

“How do we as Christians demonstrate a living hope in Jesus Christ, especially when encountering struggles and daily toils of this world.” (Bible Study for Easter 2)

Today’s lesson from acts is a portion of the speech Peter made to the early followers of Jesus; the Israelites remind us of the faithful witness that have gone before us, they embodied faithfulness in the power of God and God’s plan for us and what is happening in our lives. God has a plan for each of us. We look to the witnesses that have long gone “David” for one. David’s prophecy of the Lord’s Resurrection. 

In today’s time 2020, we are also in the midst of trials, caused by the pandemic and the tremendous changes it has made in our lives. Despite all the changes and inconvenience, we currently should live with the good news of the resurrection. In the midst of our trials for the rest of the season of Easter, the time we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, challenge ourselves for a few moments each day to notice something hopeful, some form of new life or resurrection. 

In the gospel today it is about “Doubting Thomas”, the disciple who, when was told about the resurrection of Christ; He stated he would not believe until his hands had touched the marks in Jesus’s hands and side. We have been told by Jesus that those who believe without seeing will be blessed. The way the disciples reacted to seeing the resurrected Jesus and their reaction; tells us that faith does not come only where there is proof – but right in the middle of doubts and questioning. As Frederich Buchner” has so aptly stated, “Doubts are the pants of the faith – they keep it alive and moving”.

Almighty God, who through the mystery of Jesus’ Passion gave to us the new covenant of reconciliation; may we have been reborn into the fellowship of Christs ‘Body continue to show forth in our lives what we profess by faith, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rev. Kathy Funk