Sermon - December 19, 2021 - St. Martin's In the Desert

Good Friday

Sermon – December 19, 2021

Sermon Advent 4th, 2021
From: Celtic Treasure

You have been our strength, O God,
At the beginning of the day, you brought us from darkness into light. 
At the ending of the day, you lead us from busyness into stillness.
In earth’s cycles and seasons you offer us new life and fresh beginnings. 
Be our strength this day and the strength of the new beginnings in our world. 
Be our help, O God, and the help of those who cry out in need.

Micah 5;2-5A

As we await the birth of Christ, the readings remind us of the promises made to the house of, King David. The uniqueness of the prophecy is that it names Bethlehem where the Messiah will be born. The prediction also indicates that the Messiah will be representative of the poor classes of people. Micah also refers to a woman who is in labor and will bring forth the One who would draw the rest of Israel home. The savior would be great not only in his own time and place but for all the people in all times; That is our Jesus Lord.

When we read the readings from the Old Testament, we gain knowledge of the troubles that many were experiencing and look at today’s times. Advent is a time for Hope, Love, and Peace.

Psalm 80

The hope is for a better future, they ask that the Lord God of hosts; to show the light and to restore them. In today’s times with the pandemic still with us and the destruction from the Tornado in the mid-west and Kentucky, we are still asking to be restored. Give us the Spirit that we can do what we need to do, as we are today’s people of God; we can provide assistance to those that are hurting, this holiday season. We all are waiting for God’s salvation. But many more are struggling at this time, than ever before.

Hebrews 10:5-10

The letter to the Hebrews relates the hope for the restoration of Israel in the person of Jesus Christ. Burnt offerings did not take away the sins. The one thing that truly pleases God is our obedience and the desire to perform God’s will. This is what Jesus Christ comes into the world to do. Jesus comes bringing the reality; the self-emptying at the cross. He becomes the High Priest for the human race; it also sanctifies all those who put their trust in the Lord’s offering.

Luke: -45

In Luke’s gospel Mary shows her trust in what God expects from us in order to accomplish His work in the world. Mary is a great example of faith …. Mother of believers – much in the same way Abraham is the Father of a nation. But both launched out on a journey without maps or directions, just trusting in God fully with no assurances or guarantees. Their direction was from faith obedience became their paved path. The proper relationship of an obedient servant of God is one of praise and joy. 

God does not care from what station of life we come from He cares about our obedience, trust, and loving our neighbors. 

O God purify our hearts today, we pray, that your Son Jesus Christ, at his coming may find prepared within us a fit abode for his presence.