Sermon - March 6, 2022 - St. Martin's In the Desert

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric

Sermon – March 6, 2022

Sermon Lent 1,2022

The lesson from Deuteronomy calls upon God’s people to give thanks for Divine blessings and deliverance from Egypt. Moses reminds the people of God’s mighty acts on their behalf. Moses also warns of the temptation that the people will have in Canaan. To show that they do remember and celebrate, they were to bring an offering to God’s sanctuary form the first harvest they gather. This offering of first fruits is to acknowledge that the land they are in possession of are God’s gifts. As we begin this lesson of season of lent, lets look deep within our hearts and seek God’s guidance to resist the temptation that we encounter. Lent gives us both divine invitation and a map that embodies the first three elements of the way of love; Turn.    Learn.    Pray.

During Lent we need to be able to Worship, Bless, Go and Rest in a very deep fashion. 

The invitation is to follow Jesus’ lead by taking the 40-day Lenten journey to the wilderness of our own temptations’. During the time Jesus followed the Spirit into the very places that we would ty to avoid—– Temptation.

We are custom to praying “Lead us not into temptation.” The following slogans lend a script to turn to in times when the mind isn’t quick enough for a defense from unhealthy urge. “Do the next right thing” “One day at a time.” Just for today.”  Let our Holy Scriptures serve as a beacon of light when we are floundering. Remember time spent praying helps us to know what is what when we are confused. 

We are called during the Lenten season to prepare, take time, go to the wilderness (even if it is just in our mind.) We need time to practice in our busy life’s. Lenten season is a time of reflection and regular confession are rules we should live by.

Temptation can sneak upon us when we are not paying attention to what is going on. In faith communities we would do well to follow Jesus’ lead. We are blessed. But I wonder how the church’s role has affected abuse children, the elderly. Spiritual Inventory helps keep people of, God humble and communities of God honest. 

Lent gives us an opportunity to come clean with ourselves and God. It is the time to prepare ourselves for the ministry of the year ahead. God knows the ways that we have gotten off base. The reason for this Lenten journey is not for God’s Devine edification – but our own.

At the end of Luke’s passage in describing the temptation of Jesus, the phrase, “When the devil had finished every test, he departed from Jesus until an opportune time. This isn’t just about Lent. Lent gives us an opportunity to “re-subscribe to our faith.” When we are least prepared. When we let our spiritual guard down. We need regular habits staying close. Like “Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go and Rest.

Rev. Kathyleen Funk